Our school : LES MERISIERS, Jouy-Le-Moutier...

Our school : LES MERISIERS, Jouy-Le-Moutier (near Paris), France

Les Merisiers is a medium-sized and dynamic school with 450 students (12 to 15 years old) currently attending courses.

In our school, several projects are carried out by teachers :

 « CHAM / Music » (adjusted schedule “choir classes”) the students work together with the National Music Conservatory and offer fantastic shows throughout the year.

 “Nature” classes : (Vegetable garden, botanical garden growing plants and vegetables). Focused on learning about Nature, the « Nature classes » aim at learning about gardening and how to take care of farm animals, inside the school itself where a vegetable garden and a poultry house have been built.

 ART clubs : The school also runs two art clubs : Cinema and theatre.
Cinema : Thanks to one of our History teachers, the students meet every Friday and think, write and direct their own movie. The movie is shown at the end of the year to the whole school.
Theatre : This club is led by one of our French teacher with the help of a professional comedian and together with the students, they prepare several plays around a main theme.

 ULIS : (Autistic students)
We have been welcoming autistic students. Working with a team of specialized teachers was a tremendous learning experience.

 Partnership with a German school.
We also are very happy to have a partnership/exchange program with a school in Germany.

Opening our school to other European schools is dear to our heart and we intend to make it happen !

Soon, a page (a blog) dedicated to European contacts will be available. At the moment, along with the e-twinning site we have a mail and “facebook page “ that you can use to talk to us and exchange on projects.


Hope to see you soon !